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Outback in the Midwest | 2023

Good onya mate, you're officially registered.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 2nd! You may begin rolling in at noon (Eastern Standard Time).

The event will last until at least 10:00 pm so feel free to arrive late, leave early, or camp out all day long.

Visit the registration table upon arrival to check in and receive your free Holden license plate and window display.

Please remember to bring:
• Cash (for prize drawings)
• Food and drinks (for you and your guests)
• Chair / Sunscreen / Bug spray

As always, this is a family-friendly event.
However, don't forget this year that we are unfortunately unable to provide the bounce house for the kiddos. Don't worry, the ankle biters are still invited...just keep in mind it might be a good idea to pack some expensive-car-friendly things to keep them as entertained as the bounce house has in the prior years.

Also, a friendly reminder that your pet dog, cat, chinchilla, snake, or lizard is much happier at home than surrounded by tons of people, loud/expensive cars, open food, and hot grills. So please leave them at home and they will be even happier to see you when you get back!**

Alcohol is permitted for those of age, but please exercise responsibility.

The Outback is located at:
5550 Bluff Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46217

We will be continuously adding information to the event website link: https://celebritymachines.com/pages/outback
Bookmark it/save it to your home screen/suggest anything we're missing...we'll do our very best to keep it the easiest way to find the info/links you're looking for.

To stay in the loop, be sure that you're a member of the Facebook group, Outback in the Midwest: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1946798825510795/
and have marked yourself as attending on the event page, Outback in the Midwest: https://www.facebook.com/events/854074628813488/

**pet quote credit to Daniel Dillon, 2023