$5.00 $16.00

Our license plates occasionally suffer some damage during production. We would never ship a damaged plate to you for full price, so we have decided to make them available for purchase at a discounted rate of $5.00 each.

The damage will vary by plate. The plate will either have heavy scratches, multiple light scratches, the holes may be misaligned, or the embossing may be offset from the screen printing. Please see the pictures for examples of the different degrees of damage. Stock is limited and not all products are available.

  • Jurassic Park license plate style and colors (White, Yellow, Black, & Red)
  • Standard USA plate dimensions (12" x 6")
  • Screen accurate plate / exact replica
  • Metal stamped / embossed aluminum
  • Shrink-wrapped

  • The Jurassic Park #10 License Plate is produced as seen on the #10 Jeep in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park.  The #10 Jeep was owned by Jurassic Park and it was first used by Robert Muldoon and Ellie Sattler (doctors) during their search for the rest of the group.  It differed from other Jeeps used by the park in that it lacked a safety bar / roll cage in case of turnovers.  During the Tyrannosaurus Rex escape, the vehicle's top (as well as windshield) was damaged by a low-hanging branch.  The #10 Jeep was later used by John Hammond to escape from Jurassic Park.