• New Mexico license plate style and colors (Yellow, White, Green, & Red)
  • Standard USA plate dimensions (12" x 6")
  • Screen accurate plates / exact replicas
  • Metal stamped / embossed aluminum
  • Shrink-wrapped

  • GRAYMTR The New Mexico GRAYMTR License Plate is produced as seen on Gretchen Schwartz’s Bentley Continental GT in Season 2 of the television series Breaking Bad. GRAYMTR is an abbreviation of Gray Matter, the company founded by Walter, Elliott, and Gretchen.  The plate is first seen when Skyler invites Gretchen over to thank her and Elliott for paying for Walt’s treatment.  Walt arrives home and is surprised to see the Bentley in the driveway.

    KEN WINS The New Mexico KEN WINS License Plate is produced as seen on the 1996 BMW 318i Cabrio in Season 1 Episode 4 of Breaking Bad. This plate is seen two times throughout this episode.  The first time, “Ken” snags Walt’s parking space at the bank parking lot while talking loudly on his Bluetooth set and ignoring Walt.  At the end of the episode, Walt again crosses paths with Ken at a service station.  When Ken enters the station, Walt walks up to the car and picks up a squeegee.  He puts the squeegee between the battery terminals and walks away, causing the BMW to burst into flames as the episode closes out.